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P.S. I got ordained. Now what?

Back row, left to right: Tracy Henry, Sarah Cairatti, Beth Miskewitz, Ekama Eni, Tom Brown, Stephen Park Choi. Middle-ish left to right: Barbara Davis, me, Alexandra Mead. Front left: Bob Dunham.

Four months ago, May 22nd, 2022, I was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Since then, I have been trying to keep my head above water, figure out how exactly to be a pastor, and manage to feed my children and keep the flower pots watered outside. Hence why this space has been inactive for quite sometime. It's been a lot. But oh has it been joyful.

Two days before my ordination, I graduated from seminary! (in person. I had graduated on paper two years earlier but hadn't seen my classmates or professors since Thursday afternoon, March 12th, 2020 just before Manhattan shut-down for COVID-19) So I took advantage of the weekend and went full on nostalgia for all things about reminiscing call story, my time in seminary, how much my life changed in that short time.... it was a very beautiful and reflective weekend after two-ish+ years of covid blues.

Carolyn Browender, my dear friend and seminary buddy.

Shelby Johnson, another bff whose friendship kept me afloat during grad school.

the ridiculous hats Union gave us for graduating and the hot blonde on the end is the one and only Meredith Ward, Episcopal Priest extraordinaire and my seminary ride or die since August of 2017.

It was a lovely.

There are so many things I want to say about this whirlwind weekend but simply can't fit it all into words. Which... I think is ok. I'll just keep them all warm and fuzzy in my heart. The culmination of so many years, fighting for my dreams and call to be realized, moving halfway across the country, leaving the church of my childhood to find a spiritual home in the Presbyterian Church (USA), so so so much. NOT KNOWING A SOUL in the northeast except two (here’s looking at you, Abby and David). On top of all that, becoming a mother at the same time. And then timing my second pregnancy so I'd deliver exactly one month after graduation. It was a wild four years.

My ordination felt like a beautiful red velvet bow being tied around all the effort, discernment, tears, and joys from that season of my life, launching me into the next chapter. Surrounded by my loving congregation, dear colleagues who are also sweet friends and mentors, it was an absolutely perfect day. I still feel like I'm floating from it all.

keeping it humble with the family pics...

One thing slightly unrelated but related to all this is: representation matters. I was a college graduate.... like, early 20s, before I ever saw with my own eyes an ordained minister of word and sacrament that was a women. Her name was Kimberly Lynn. I met her at a bar in Memphis, TN, where I was celebrating my friend's graduation from her masters program with the rest of her roommates and their families. That weekend, this woman was just one of the moms. But to me, she was the final nudge that pushed me over the edge into what would become my crazy journey to seminary and beyond, showing me what God is capable of doing when we really truly surrender ourselves over to God's grace and radical love.

So... now that the dust has long settled from the weekend I find myself asking, now what?

Great question, right? For one thing, this space is about to become much more active... God willing. To keep myself sane and be realistic, I think I'll start posting adapted versions of my sermons from previous Sundays with some other special things sprinkled in occasionally. I just finished up a sermon series on the fruits of the spirit that was super fun. And I have a few more topics I'd love to share as well...

I have really big dreams for GirlPastor. But right now, I'm still trying to settle into my call, my new beautiful faith community, and being a mom to a soon to be kindergartener and two year old.

But another thing I'm learning is that it's ok to go slow sometimes. GirlPastor has already had a very, very slow start. But I want to say I'm grateful to those of you who have stuck around, reached out, subscribed, or given words of encouragement and love throughout this whole journey but especially after launching GirlPastor. Can’t wait to see what happens from here…

Much love to you from your resident weirdo girl pastor,


P.S. if you'd like to watch my ordination service, you can do so here. Do yourself a favor and listen to my brilliant and amazing friends bring their A game. I cried like, the whole time.


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